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InFusion Space Mid-Level canvas

A visual and interactive tool, that can different kinds of practices, and organisational approaches.


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The InFusion Space and the InFusion Space Mid-Level canvas provide Stephen Sillett with valuable tools to establish a new field of non-equilibrium coaching that complements the equilibrium coaching approach used in systemic coaching. Here’s how:

  1. Comprehensive Understanding: The InFusion Space allows Stephen to take a broader and more holistic view of coaching dynamics by encompassing both non-equilibrium and equilibrium perspectives. It recognizes that coaching is not solely about maintaining stable states but also involves navigating dynamic and evolving processes.

  2. Dynamics and Adaptation: The InFusion Space Mid-Level canvas specifically focuses on capturing the dynamics and adaptation within coaching contexts. It enables Stephen to depict the non-equilibrium dynamics of individuals and groups, their regime of attention, and the dynamic intentions that unfold in the context. This understanding of bottom-up dynamics and active inference supports a deeper exploration of individual and collective processes in coaching.

  3. Integration and Complementarity: By incorporating the InFusion Space and the Mid-Level canvas into coaching practices, Stephen can integrate non-equilibrium perspectives with the existing equilibrium coaching framework. This integration enables a more comprehensive and balanced approach that recognizes the value of both stability and dynamism in coaching processes.

  4. Generative Inquiry: The InFusion Space Mid-Level canvas encourages generative inquiry by providing a visual representation of the interplay between non-equilibrium morphisms and equilibrium monoids. Stephen can use this canvas to explore the relationships between the two perspectives and to generate new insights and approaches in coaching.

  5. Utilization-Focused Evaluations: The InFusion Space and the Mid-Level canvas support utilization-focused evaluations by offering a framework to assess the effectiveness and impact of non-equilibrium coaching interventions. Stephen can use the canvas to track changes in the dynamics, intentions, and outcomes of coaching processes, providing a basis for informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

By leveraging the InFusion Space and the InFusion Space Mid-Level canvas, Stephen Sillett can establish a new field of non-equilibrium coaching that complements and enhances the equilibrium coaching practices used in systemic coaching. This approach enables a more comprehensive understanding of coaching dynamics and supports the development of effective strategies for facilitating personal and organizational change.

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