Multi-Arts Interactive Performances

Multi-Arts Interactive performance is a cooperative of performance artists and social practitioners, wanting to integrate methodologies from contemporary theatre practice and applied arts. Working as a group, the facilitated workshops would navigate from periods of process and psychosocial exploration to those of devising and creation.

Who would be the InFusion Working Group?

This would be formed of 5-10 core members all having some experience of arts based group work, and who are committed to exploring and expanding intersects between their artistic repertoires.

How would the InFusion Lab structure their interaction with others?

How would the InFusion Lab structure their interaction with others? 

Examples of peripheral groups could be: spoken word artists, public health workers, Michael Chekhov practitioners, artists working with Viewpoints, environmental activists, science communicators, practitioners using psychosocial methods, musicians…

What is the nature of the meetings?

a) The members discuss their practice and desires for collaboration and share core knowledge in order to build a common language and trust.
b) Members experiment with methods through facilitated group exercises.
c) At certain sessions, members work with guest participants chosen specifically in relation to a subject of exploration.

What are the drivers behind the work?

a) To unlock models for community participation.
b) To establish approaches to multi-arts performance.
c) To explore the use of theatre as a tool to unpack members own work and for personal & professional growth.

Infusion Space is a social innovation project by A.D.C.I.D (Aiding Dramatic Change in Development) that explore social initatives and transdisciplinary projects relational to local contexts.